Evan Abrahamson studied painting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and sociology at the University of Minnesota. He is the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship and several other honorary awards. Evan’s work is among many private and public collections throughout the country. His work is concerned with the mediation of chance and control and the potential of meaning to manifest from the balance between.

“I begin every painting in a naturalistic manner, painstakingly depicting as much detail as the hand and eye permit. After considerable care is given to grasp a clear image, I then introduce the element of chance into the work by mechanically and unsentimentally passing over the painting with a massive brush. The consequence is that of erasing everything but what is important.”

“I am painting nothing. Emptiness. Openness. The air around things. The middle ground. Between coming and going, here and there, either-or. A letting go of things. Chance and control. Beauty in impermanence.”